Biosimilars Resources


The Biosimilars Generation website provides you with links to information about biosimilar regulations and policies in Canada.


Health Canada and other Canadian government regulators provide guidance on the safety, efficacy and quality of biologic (original-brand and biosimilar) medicines.

Biosimilars Reimbursement Access info

Public payers are adopting biosimilar policies that affect Canadians living with many disabling and life-threatening chronic diseases, such as inflammatory arthritis, certain types of cancer, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease and psoriasis.

Find more information about biosimilars and their listings on public drug plans.

Patient groups & organizations

Patient organizations are a good source of support and “easy-to-read” information about medicines, including biologics (original-brand and biosimilars).

Biologic (original-brand and biosimilar) manufacturer associations

Biologic (original-brand and biosimilar) manufacturer associations provide information on biologic medicines.

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